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RightScale has recently published a report on State of the Cloud Report. It is the result of a survey of about a thousand people. The report has seven conclusions in the executive summary: Cloud adoption reaches ubiquity Hybrid cloud is the approach of choice Enterprise cloud gove... (more)
If you look at the cloud pricing trend it is obvious that it has not been following Moore’s Law. In my opinion, that is the single most significant obstacle to cloud adoption. It erodes the value proposition over a period of time. On 25th March, 2014 – Google has declared its in... (more)
Alvin Toffler had predicted that in the Third Wave – Post Industrial Society, actionable knowledge as a primary resource. In some sense, knowledge is more freely available today than any other time in history – thanks to the internet, thanks to Wikipedia, thanks to Google, thank... (more)
There is a difference between “owning” and “consuming“. You can own 100 cell phone but you can use only one at a time. Same goes with most things in life. Owning is proportional to the amount of money you have. Consuming is proportional to the time you have. Digital assets are e... (more)
Remember Wall-E? The robots created by Guy Hoffman reminds me of Wall-E … have a look!   ... (more)
I am a fan on Seth Godin’s writing … and … I am a fan of Malcolm Gladwell’s writing … but … … they are very different! Off course they look strikingly different, Seth Godin with his clean shave head and Malcolm Gladwell with his bushy hair. But, if you look deep you will see s... (more)
Reblogged from Algorithms in Real Life: I had earlier written on the Ant Colony Optimization and the Genetic Algorithm. Another interesting bio inspired heuristic is the Cuckoo Search that has been developed by Xin-She Yang and Suash Deb in 2009. This technique adapts from the ... (more)
Reblogged from nklata: If you talk to any developer the first response that you will immediately get is “Don’t make me do UI” or “UI is not my job” or even better “I do not understand UI”.  But the same programmer has no problem in understanding lengthy SQL statements or convolu... (more)
Reblogged from Algorithms in Real Life: Big Data Overview What is Big Data? The Wikipedia defines Big Data as a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process and store using traditional tools. The Wikipedia definition is more from a data perspe... (more)
Reblogged from HBR Blog Network - Harvard Business Review: There is not much agreement about what makes an idea innovative, and what makes an innovative idea valuable. For example, discussions on whether the internet is a better invention than the wheel are more likely to reveal ... (more)
Reblogged from HBR Blog Network - Harvard Business Review: What’s the best way to quickly improve innovation in your organization? That was the question posed to me recently by Warwick, the head of innovation for the Australia and New Zealand region of a multinational engineering ... (more)
Will 3D printing really change the world? “Just like the Industrial Revolution, the assembly line, the advent of the internet and the Social Media phenomenon, 3D Printing will be a game changer” – Forbes: Will 3D Printing Change The World? (2012 March) [Update: September, 2012: M... (more)
No individual can really track and understand the impact of change in all the emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Social Media, Agile Methodology and Big Data … You can realistically aim to have an in depth understanding of only a small subset. By in de... (more)
Here is a summary of the Gartner Hype Cycle for “Emerging Technologies” for 2012 – what is stated explicitly, what can be inferred. This Hype Cycle is suppose provide insight into emerging technologies that have broad, cross-industry relevance, and are transformational and high ... (more)
Reblogged from Algorithms in Real Life: If you are an author, there are three things you worry about. How many have purchased the book? How many have read the book? How many have understood the book? If you have written the book with the aim of making money, then asking the first... (more)
Reblogged from Algorithms in Real Life: Many interesting meta-heuristics have been bio-inspired. Some of them are: Ant colony Optimization Cuckoo Search Genetic Algorithm Ant Colony Optimization This technique has been adapted from the studies carried out on the behavior of ants. ... (more)
Reblogged from Algorithms in Real Life: At school I was always confused between Algorithms and Logarithms…Anagrams were meaningful later. Then I encountered heuristics and lately meta-heuristics. I tried to differentiate algorithms, heuristics and meta-heuristics. Additional wor... (more)
Agile manifesto has explicit stated preference for shorted sprints. Shorter sprints can ensure that: “Parkinson’s Law” does not set in, that is work does not expand to fill the available time “Understanding gap” between users and developers gets ironed out quickly “Quick respons... (more)
How do you work with a remote product owner who is in a different time zone with very little overlap of normal working hours? An agile puritan would have a simple answer – Don’t. There is an underlying assumption behind this statement. The assumption is that the product owner can... (more)
How do you eat an elephant? Simple – cut it into small pieces at eat one piece at a time. BUT… …is it really that simple? When you have a large software project it is too simplistic to assume that all you need to do is to decompose the problem to individual manageable chunk wh... (more)
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