IT Scene and Changing Trends from an Indian Perspective

Udayan Banerjee

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ERP Journal on Ulitzer For some time now I have been tracking the change in popularity of the top open source platform and I noticed a curious trend. At the beginning of the year ADempiere ERP was the top open source project. Looking down the list you would have found PostBooks at 8, Openbravo ERP at 9, webERP at 17 and OrangeHRM at 21. At that time it was mostly on my unconscious mind and had not “realized” it. But slowly the trend became more pronounced. Five of the top 7 open source projects are ERP. This is how it stands –order in which it is ranked in Source Forge: PostBooks Openbravo ERP ADempiere ERP – (others) webERP – (others) OrangeHRM I decided to check on what other analysts have to say on this and found 2 posts which echoed similar thought. 2009 the year for open-source ERP? by Matt Asay Open Source ERP Applications: They’re Real and They’re Spectacular... (more)

The Future of Entrepreneurship

Will "management idea generation" get outsourced? Looks ridiculous - but late C.K.Prahalad seem to have indicated that it may happen. Harvard Business Review had published A Tribute to C K Prahalad written by HBR editor-in-chief Adi Ignatius. Here is an interesting quote from the article. “… C.K. also expressed enthusiasm about a book he was co-writing for HBR Press with HBR editor at large Anand Raman, on how some of the best management ideas these days are coming from India and the other emerging markets, and are reshaping management theory….” If you look at the article The Mo... (more)

What Software Development Should Not Learn from Manufacturing

In software engineering there have always been two schools of thought. One school feels that there is a lot to learn from manufacturing. The other school thinks that they are entirely different. There have been three distinct phases in this debate: CMM Phase: Manufacturing has transitioned from craftsmanship to mass production – productivity and quality has improved many-fold. Software development can also benefit from such transition. CMM movement was born from this thought. Agile Phase: Manufacturing deals with machine, software development deals with people. Processes involvin... (more)

Android – Can You Afford to Ignore It?

Yes – I suppose you can ignore Android if you only work on the server side and have nothing to do with how user interacts with your application or you have taken a vow not to touch anything that has Java in it. Otherwise it may not be very wise to ignore Android. Did you know that… In Q1 2010, Android based phones outsold iPhone in US – Report from OSnews Google TV which is scheduled for launch on fall 2010 will run on Android – Announcement on Google Blog So What? Till about two years back most computing devices which end users used were PCs or laptops running some version of Win... (more)

Cloud Computing Trends – Minus the Hype

If you subtract the hype, cloud computing is moving like a tortoise – slow and steady, more slow than steady. Will it win the race? Maybe; but not next year. The question is where we will be one year down the line. [You need to read this post in conjunction with my earlier post where I had raised 4 questions and answered 2 of them. Here is the answer to the question 3 & 4] 3. If the current trend continues then where will it be in one year's time? Basic premise of (1) economy of scale, (2) pay what you use and (3) better utilization through sharing will remain intact – though some... (more)