IT Scene and Changing Trends from an Indian Perspective

Udayan Banerjee

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Web 2.0 Magazine on Ulitzer Web 2.0 may not have a clear-cut definition but irrespective of which way you look at it (there are three different ways of looking at Web 2.0), it is about the behavior of complex system, it is about collective intelligence and it is about emergence. The fundamental principles governing such systems are that the whole is much more than the sum of its parts – the behavior of the system cannot be derived or understood by analyzing individual elements. Traditional approach to architecting and problem solving is to… Look at the problem as a whole Break it down to multiple sub-problems Solve each sub problem separately Put individual solutions together Expect the whole problem to be resolved This approach does not work for complex systems and Web 2.0 always deals with complex systems So when dealing with such systems, as an architect, you need to... (more)

So Gartner Was Right!

In October, 2012 Gartner predicted that: “…by Year-End 2014, three of the top five mobile handset vendors will be Chinese…” I did not really believe it! Canalys Study But, it turns out that if you go by the study released by Canalys, it has already happened! Here are the details: IDC Study However, IDC study released recently shows a slightly different picture: Who is right? Well … next few quarters should make it clear! Udayan Banerjee on Google+ Related Articles: Gartner Releases 2 Top 10 Predictions for 2013 – What are they really saying? Android powered a third of all mobil... (more)

Agile Adoption – Crossing the Chasm

Everybody acknowledges that IT has to plays a key role in any new service or product design. Therefore, IT needs to align with business and be flexible to changing business needs. It is a question of how to be agile rather than should we be agile. Then, why is there such a gulf between the people who evangelize agile processes and those who look at them with great suspicion? Any application is built to satisfy a business goal. The process has two major steps where the step one is to define the application behavior which will help in meeting the business goal and the step two is to... (more)

Cloud Computing Service: Amazon EC2 vs Google GAE

Amazon Cloud on Ulitzer Their economy of scale will be difficult to match. What about Microsoft - they are constrained by the fact that they have to defend their desktop business - which will prevent them from following optimal cloud strategy! Cloud Computing Service Service provider with large number of networked computer systems Allowing you to use a slice of that processing power and storage Shielding your program and data from others sharing the same service, and Charging you for your actual usage Value Proposition of Cloud Computing Elastic Capacity - Pay for what you actually u... (more)

Agile Development & Enterprise Architecture Practice – Can They Coexist?

Can an organization have an Enterprise Architecture practice and also implement Agile development methodologies? Your reaction is probably one of the following: Why should it be a challenge? Co-existence would be impossible. There will be difficulties but it can be done. Why should this be a challenge? After all, EA is agnostic to software development methodologies. Irrespective of which EA definition is accepted, no direct link with any software development methodology exists. Therefore, you would argue, that there would be no conflict between any Enterprise Architecture practice ... (more)