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Udayan Banerjee

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The record of Facebook so far is impressive … in fact it is unprecedented. Facebook with $40 billion valuation & 500 million users – Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the youngest billionaire & Time “person of the year” … the list goes on. So, where does Facebook go from here? Are we looking at the tip of the iceberg or are we standing at the top of Mt Everest? Here is a 2007 May Fast Company article – Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Hacker. Dropout. CEO. It makes interesting reading. The article goes on to says “…TechCrunch posted documents said to be a part of an internal valuation of Facebook by Yahoo. The documents projected that Facebook would generate $969 million in revenue, with 48 million users, by 2010…”. They have been wrong by an order of magnitude on the number of users!!! Going forward, here are five possible scenarios for Facebook. Next big thing happens: A new and ... (more)

Cloud Is for Flexibility and Not for Cost Savings

Sure – you might save cost by moving to cloud. There are these five instances where you can achieve cost savings: You have a compute intensive application needs to run once in a while. Size of your organization is small to medium where renting works out better for you. You are planning to revamp your CRM or Email solution. You expect large number of tablets (iPad and others) getting used in your organization and you will need an alternate to Microsoft Office. Your data center requires an overhaul where you can leverage virtualization / private cloud technologies. However, if you a... (more)

Google-Motorola : Microsoft-Nokia : Palm-HP – Do You See a Pattern?

By now you would have already read about the Google offer to buy Motorola Mobility division. You would have read about why this is the biggest mistake Google has ever made. You also would have read about why this is the most brilliant move made by Google. You would have been told why this is the best thing to have happened to Android and also why this is the worst thing to have happened to Android. So, there is no agreement on the possible impact of this deal except for one point – this is a BIG deal and a Game Changer. There is a general feeling that one of the key motivation for... (more)

Eleven Reasons Why Windows Phone Will Overtake Android

Please hold your skepticism, keep an open mind, go through the following points and only then pass a judgment on my prediction that “three years down Windows Phone would have overtaken Android” [Update August-2012: The 12th reason (Apple awarded 1 billion US$ but Microsoft wins)!] [Update June-2012: 3 Thing Microsoft Achieved Through The Launch Of The Surface Tablet] (1) “Mango” has received very positive response Just go through the following comments. “… I say this with all seriousness and some incredulity: Apple, watch your back. Microsoft may have finally figured it out. Th... (more)

Survey: Agile Projects Are More Successful

Surveys conducted by Scott Ambler have consistently (2008, 2010 & 2011) shown that Agile and Iterative Projects have been more successful. Apart from the fact that Agile has been consistently been more successful compared to traditional approach, these survey result show two more interesting result – one of them is very surprising. 1) The gap between “Iterative + Agile” and “Traditional + Ad-hoc” has been increasing It is not clear why there is a dip in the success rate of all types of project in 2010. But, leaving that aside, the gap has been consistently been increasing (2008=7... (more)