IT Scene and Changing Trends from an Indian Perspective

Udayan Banerjee

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Adam Smith was wrong. Well … he was not wrong in his conclusion but he was partially wrong in his basic assumption that human always pursue their self-interest. Through the work of many scientists, we have begun to see evidence across several disciplines that people are in fact more cooperative and selfless—or behave far less selfishly—than we have assumed. In fact, recent research shows that in any society majority of us behave cooperatively rather than selfishly (though some people do behave selfishly). The essence of agile is iterative development and a self-organizing team (What makes Agile agile?). Latest research suggests that iterative approach with trial and error is the best way to navigate through our environment which has become exceedingly complex. Such research is inspired by biology and evolution. Now you have research evidence that we are indeed tune... (more)

A Brief History of the Agile Movement

In February this year the agile movement completed 11 years of existence. I am sure you are either using some form of agile methodology or examining the possibility of using them. But, are you aware of how the agile movement happened? Did it happen by chance or was it inevitable? Do you know what influenced the agile manifesto? Who the authors are? What are their backgrounds and what do they do now? How was the name “Agile” selected? The Influencers It is clear from the notes published by Jon Kern that four methodologies had significant influence on the manifesto – they are: Scru... (more)

Media 2.0 on Ulitzer - New Media and Content Marketing Strategies

Here is an interesting news item which claims that UK online ad spend overtakes mainstream TV. The same news was corroborated by another post which stated that spending on online advertising surpasses TV. The news was little disconcerting because it did not seem to match with my ground level experience. So, I decided to probe a little deeper and unearthed more data on Internet ad spend. What I uncovered was more in line with what I perceive to be the real situation. These reports claimed that the Internet ad spend is less than 10% of total ad spend which is only a fraction of ad... (more)

Does the CIO Role Depend on the State of Economy?

Have you noticed that the perceived role of CIO is dependent on the state of economy? [BTW: Have you ever wondered who coined the term CIO and when it was first used. It was first used in 1980 by William Synott, then senior vice president of the First National Bank of Boston. (See this)] Search for pre-recession articles talking about role of CIO – you will see a completely different message from the articles written during the recession. Look at this sample from 2006 – The future of IT value creation in a global economy: “…creating business value with information technology wil... (more)

China and India – Spider and Starfish

Which is better? A structured, top-down approach to problem solving or an unstructured, collaborative one? The first approach is the traditional approach - but agile development methodology, the open source movement and Web 2.0 follow the second approach. Last week I came across two seemingly unrelated essays (one blog post – Understanding the Nature of Self-Organizing Teams by Jim Highsmith and one article – Don’t Underestimate India’s Consumers by John Lee) - but both discuss Structured vs Unstructured - Order vs Chaos. The blog post provides a snapshot of the book – The Starfis... (more)