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Udayan Banerjee

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June 6, 2012 was the iPv6 day – we no longer have to worry about running out of IP addresses. World IPv6 Launch: June 6: The Internet Society, an international nonprofit organization that advises on Web standards, policy and education, has selected June 6, 2012, as the World IPv6 launch day. This date will mark the beginning of a new phase in the life of the Internet, when IPv6 begins to become a normal part of the Internet experience for everyone—taking over from IPv4. Not only is it the end of iPv4 era it also is the end of IE era – Chrome first overtook IE on Sundays! Chrome overtakes IE on weekends: Over the past three weeks, Google Chrome has beaten out Internet Explorer as the No. 1 browser in the world — but only on Sundays. Monday through Saturday, IE has remained the browser with the highest worldwide market share, although its lead is slipping. And then af... (more)

Is It Blasphemous to Criticize Agile?

This is how I was planning to start my post … “…believe me … I do think agile works … in most … well if not in most cases then in many cases. That by implication means it is not a silver bullet for all situation. In fact, no technique, no methodology, no solution can be applied all situations and agile is no exception. However, I have noticed a tendency among agilist to proclaim that if agile has not worked in a specific situation then the fault lies squarely on improper usage rather than any limitation of agile. All you have to do is apply agile properly and it would work. Who i... (more)

Apache Software Foundation Completes 10 Years

Apache Software Foundation (ASF) was founded in June 1999. Here is a list highlighting top 11 Apache projects and also 10 projects for the future. 11 Apache Technologies that Have Changed Computing in the Last 10 Years 10 Apache Technologies that Will Change Computing in the Next 10 Years 1. Apache HTTP Server 1. Hadoop For building scalable 2. Tomcat Application Server 2. CouchDB Document oriented database 3. Lucene Text search engine library 3. Directory Server 4. Struts Web application framework 4. Maven Project management & comprehension tool 5. Geronimo Applic... (more)

With the Patent Battle, Has Apple Marked Samsung as Its Equal?

Has Apple, by filing so many patent / IPR violation suits against Samsung in so many countries, marked Samsung as its equal? Update: 02-Jan-2013: Galen Gruman, in his post on "2012: The year Android truly challenged iOS" says... "...also reinforced to the public that Samsung was an innovator -- why else would Apple be so intent on destroying it legally? Even though Samsung lost the biggest battle, in many ways, it may have won the war, at least for buyers' hearts..." Update: 09-May-2012: Don Reisinger provides 10 reasons why Apple and Samsung are equal. I would like to draw y... (more)

Eleven Reasons Why Windows Phone Will Overtake Android

Please hold your skepticism, keep an open mind, go through the following points and only then pass a judgment on my prediction that “three years down Windows Phone would have overtaken Android” [Update August-2012: The 12th reason (Apple awarded 1 billion US$ but Microsoft wins)!] [Update June-2012: 3 Thing Microsoft Achieved Through The Launch Of The Surface Tablet] (1) “Mango” has received very positive response Just go through the following comments. “… I say this with all seriousness and some incredulity: Apple, watch your back. Microsoft may have finally figured it out. Th... (more)